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In another quote from The Republic, Cicero described his own work as that of a craftsman who “thinks, ponders, and strives for nothing except to improve” in his field.


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"Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers."


Past Issues

August 2019


What can we learn from those questions that keep calling us back to them?


We mark a new school year in countless ways… In some of those distant places, we remember a question or an assignment that opened up our mind to discovering something new. The best questions make a lasting impression.

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What Book Would You Add to a President’s Reading List?


One item shows up on every list of habits of “successful people.” They read! So, did you have a successful summer? Do you have a stack of books to prove it?

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July 2019



Can we strengthen democracy by talking about what’s missing from our news?




There’s an all-star crew behind today’s note. A late-night comedian, a journalism professor, and a former anchor of CBS’s Face the Nation all hit the airwaves with a common theme. An informed citizenry requires more than a simple re-telling of the day’s events. 



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What can our fight against tyranny in the past do for us today?




We seem to think that tyranny is an idea from our past. We kicked it out when we kicked the King out. Madison warned us about the tyranny of the majority but then fixed it for us. Tyranny isn’t our problem anymore. 


Except that our understanding of tyranny might have everything to do with how well we practice democracy. 




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June 2019

The Power of a Photo has New Limits but We Can Help


When you step into the arena, you risk everything. No one can tell you what happens next. The work of leading a cause requires a resilience that doesn’t get much air time.


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Time to start telling the truth about the hardest work of democratic life


When you step into the arena, you risk everything. No one can tell you what happens next. The work of leading a cause requires a resilience that doesn’t get much air time.


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What are the stories that carry us forward and give us strength?


John Dickerson made a simple statement last week. It sounded like a public service announcement: There are narratives about who we are in the U.S. that have nothing to do with who the President is.


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May 2019


Is “following politics” still working for us?


How do you follow politics? This phrase “follow politics” has been a part of the American National Election Survey for decades. That means thousands of Americans have answered the question. But what habit would you have in mind when you answer, “yes?”


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How to respond to “I don’t know where to start.”

I don’t know where to start. News goes by at a staggering pace. This past week has included shootings in public spaces, a showdown between the Executive and Legislative branches, a new “religious freedom” rule for healthcare workers, and a list of dangerous individuals banned from Facebook. “I don’t know where to start,” is a perfectly reasonable response to all that.


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